Upload a video recording to Canvas (for students)

1. Make sure your video is in MP4 format

Most recording software will allow you to save or export your video in MP4 format.  Check your software settings before saving your file.  If you need to convert your file from a different format, check out the video transcoding tool Handbrake.  It will allow you to convert between most common formats.

2. Upload your video to your UAH Google Drive

You have unlimited storage space on your UAH Google account and control over the access to your content.  Go to drive.uah.edu and click on the "New" button, then File Upload - or drag and drop the file into Google Drive.

3. Update sharing settings

When you upload a file to Google Drive, it is not shared with anyone until you change its sharing settings.  To make your video available for others to view, click the sharing button and then "Get shareable link".

4. Submit your video to Canvas

Go to your course in Canvas and open the assignment that requires your video.  Click the blue "Submit Assignment" button, go to the "Website URL" tab, paste the link that you copied in step 3, and then submit your assignment.